Quantum Cryptography Shaking Things Up in Encryption


Breaking news in the world of encryption, since more attention has now been drawn to Physics, rather than Mathematics! Perhaps this is the solution towards enhancing the overall security of data and preventing any security breach.

Not even the most talented cryptographer could come up with the random combinations that will now be used for the encryption of the information and this is something worth looking forward to. ID Quantique has announced the release of an encryption unit that makes use of this new way of encryption that holds up to 100 Gbps.

In a world that is currently bombed on a daily basis by Edward Snowden’s leaks and new information on how the system can be hacked and revealed from within, this can rock the world of the giants in the global industry. Facebook and Yahoo, Google and Microsoft will no longer be restrained as to their encryption keys. Sky is the limit and they have got the means to activate the state of the art encryption that will now be based on the laws of Physics.

Still, for those companies perhaps this is the solution that will help them go the extra mile. For the vast majority of individuals though, affordability and availability demand that we settle for something less fancy but equally effective, at least for personal use. VPN is still the best value for our bucks, to this moment at least!