Quantum Computer Developed by NSA towards Breaking Encryption Everywhere


Have you ever read about the “Penetrating Hard Targets” research program? This is supposed to be an effort made by NSA and costing about $79.7 million dollars. Their aim has been to penetrate all systems and break down all kinds of encryption that could get in the way and prevent them from obtaining valuable information. If we get to connect the dots and look at the wider picture, NSA has been trying to make different encryption products vulnerable with the paid assistance of security companies. So, such efforts do make sense.

The latest breaking news related to the revelations of Edward Snowden reveal such documents including NSA’s will to create a quantum computer, which will decipher all the security codes, even those used for top secrets and state issues. Apparently, quantum computer technology has made quite progress over the past few years. Nonetheless, there is still much debate even among experts (for example in the MIT University) as to whether or not NSA could have such technology within their hands and ready to be used.

If there is such possibility, though, NSA will become even more competent when it comes to monitoring states and countries overseas and having access to all the information required. Both individuals and businesses could be subject to such spying techniques, not to mention Governments all over the world. Till more news gets out in public, the best method for minimizing such threats is still the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network). Let’s hope for the best, because if quantum computing technology gets in the wrong hands, the future does not seem that bright!