Qatar Cyber Security Committee Flowering Due to Significant Risks


Qatar is planning to launch a committee that will supervise and advise issues of cyber security, since there have been way too many alarming incidents over time. It is true that the Arab world has been blossoming and such economic growth and success cannot come without the respective increase of risk. So, just to make sure that there is nothing creeping in the dark and obtaining crucial information or obstructing the smooth operation of the State of Qatar, the Qatar Cyber Security Committee will be assembled in no time.

Of course, there is not a single area on which the proper attention should be drawn. On the contrary, Qatari aim at maintaining the cyber space risk-free and at the same time encouraging all the businesses and individuals to reinforce their security systems towards reaching the perfect protection level possible. Thorough education and awareness on what needs to be done can be proven to work wonders in that direction. Imagine what an impact such a committee will have in the overall national security, its finances, its technology and its communications.

As the President of McAffee Ger-Jan Schenk has stated on the matter, this has been more of a necessity given the fact that the whole Middle East has become pretty much the region with the most significant risk of online compromise. The committee has already been approved by the Cabinet of Qatar and thus it will be up and running in the near future. This is yet another step towards empowering online security and we certainly ought to salute such an effort!