PureVPN Review – The Art of Privacy, Security & Freedom


PureVPN Review PureVPN Review   The Art of Privacy, Security & Freedom

Overview of the PureVPN Review

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and it was established back in 2006. As one of the leading VPN providers, PureVPN takes pride in having over 300 servers in 26 countries and with a network that continuously grows at a great march. It offers unlimited bandwidth and impressive speed rates, which has gained a lot of points for PureVPN ever since it was first introduced to the public.

As you will see in this in depth analysis of PureVPN, you can enjoy premium quality services at quite affordable price rates and with the chance to get a three day trial (which unfortunately you have to pay). Happy customers from more than 150 countries though would argue that such a feature is pretty much unnecessary.

In this review, we will refer to both the pros and cons of using PureVPN thoroughly, leaving the final verdict to you and to your subscription. Well, let’s getting started!

PureVPN Sign Up, Installation and Network Configuration

PureVPN is handily compatible with all OS and devices. Unlike what used to be the case, you can now enjoy PureVPN on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android without any discomfort. As for the signing up procedure, it is pretty simple and straightforward. You will be expected to choose your preferred plan and fill in some info of yours.

Then, after having paid the proper fees, you will be sent a comprehensive email with the necessary details to be used, in case you need manual configuration of your settings.

There are detailed instructions and tutorials guiding you step by step till you complete the installation and any modification you wish to do with your VPN. Of course, people who have got prior experience with VPN and computing in general will find the process to be a piece of cake. As for the encryption, this can reach up to 256 bit and therefore you do not need to worry about any hostile intrusions online. Security protocols supported include L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN and IKEv2, as well as SSTP and this is remarkable.

There is a wonderful feature that ensures you will be satisfied when using PureVPN. You can now enjoy 5 multi logins and this means you will be able to enjoy your VPN protection simultaneously on up to 5 different devices. Isn’t that gorgeous?

PureVPN Subscription Rates

There is a single plan nowadays for VPN users and this has made the whole process far easier than in the past. The only things that you need to choose is the time period for which you want your subscription to last and some additional features, including dedicated IPs and streaming (they cost some dollars more per month).

You get the monthly plan for $9.95, the six months plan for $44.95 and the yearly subscription for the amazing $49.95. As you can see, you can save up to 65% of the initial price rate if you go for the annual plan of PureVPN and this is certainly the best value for money.

PureVPN Pricing3 PureVPN Review   The Art of Privacy, Security & Freedom

Now, on the downside there is only a three day full money refund guarantee. You can also order a three day free trial, but unlike its name suggest needs $2.50 to be put into effect. This money is not refundable, so there is a catch as to the guarantee a VPN user gets for his money.

When it comes to the paying methods, PureVPN is remarkably versatile and accepts all kinds of credit cards (such as Mastercard, Visa or American Express). Bitcoin and PayPal, WebMoney and bank transfers are also accepted by PureVPN and it is truly amazing to have such a wealth of options to pick from.

Browsing Speed and Bandwidth of PureVPN

PureVPN provides high-speed Internet surfing and browsing. It is considered faster compared to the browsing and download speeds of many other VPN service providers. About 60-80% speed is reached, as confirmed in various tests with constant results. This sure is convincing for customers, especially for companies handling multiple operations. This feature alone makes a lot of clients extend their subscription plans.

PureVPN Rates PureVPN Review   The Art of Privacy, Security & Freedom

Unlimited bandwidth comes in really handy at all times and the 99.9% uptime guarantee has been proven truthful. With the additional option to switch servers as frequently as you feel like, there is no way you will ever feel disappointed about the performance you get online. There are too many options to put a frown on your face.

Customer Service Management of PureVPN

Aside from VPN service, PureVPN also excels in customer handling and customer service. PureVPN has round the clock customer support. It has online chat windows available 24 hours a day. It is convenient for customers all around the globe who cannot use other means, such as phone call or office visits. It has also made a page for visitors who have queries or prospective clients wanting to subscribe to a plan.

Support tickets, e-mails, calls or participation in open forums are just some of the interactive ways you can use to get detailed answers or help for your concerns. Some forums even post informative tutorials that will help you with your problems while setting up or using your VPN router. They are of course reviewed by PureVPN or have its recommendations.

Glitches and Troubles with PureVPN

All of the VPN service providers have some errors and problems that clients will encounter once in a while. This may be caused by the deficiency of the program, human error, both of these or other unintended and unexpected occurrences.

For PureVPN, there are no significant and relevant reports of troubles. Their name speaks for their credibility and reliability. However, there are some issues faced. First of all, the trial version shouldn’t come with a price. Instead, it should be free or offered for a shorter duration. Then, the money guarantee should be at least extended to a week or even more suitably to a month (as it is the case with many other competitors of PureVPN).

Some issues with DNS and firewall are a common setback in manual set up of VPN connection. Fortunately, you can contact tech service or resort to the tutorials to have the problems solved. A lot of Linux users are complaining about this error.

Verdict of the PureVPN Review

There is no doubt that PureVPN excels in providing VPN Service. It is high-speed, reliable and has a lot of features for a lot of VPN users. There may be some concerns, but the greater picture says that PureVPN is a good candidate of choice.

Additionally, it should be noted that PureVPN is at the top of the VPN industry. Combining their excellent cutting-edge technology and great customer service, PureVP will definitely give you satisfactory results. It would be advisable to try the $2.5 trial before venturing the full subscription though and see for yourself.

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