PureVPN Offering Internet Kill Switch and Making the Web a Safer Place


Internet Kill Switch VPN PureVPN Offering Internet Kill Switch and Making the Web a Safer Place

PureVPN has certainly raised the bar of online security through the use of an innovative tool. In fact, Internet Kill Switch is a truly powerful feature that enables you to remain safe and secure at all times. Rather than jeopardizing every piece of information and any sensitive data of yours, you need to make sure that there is a tool helping you out. Imagine how great it would be for you not to be vulnerable and always remain encrypted while web surfing. We can only hope for all the rest VPN providers to follow such an example.

To be more specific, Internet Kill Switch guarantees that you are kept out of any risk whatsoever. If your VPN connection fails, you can sight with relief since nothing will be left unprotected, even for the tiniest time frame. There is automatic cease of any Internet activity in such cases. So, even if you do not realize that your VPN has been disconnected, you will always ensure that no hacker, spammer or malware becomes a threat to you.

This is in fact innovative as a feature and stops every online activity, until the VPN connection has been restored. From then on, the Internet activities continue taking place. In Windows Dialer, you can find this tool through the clicking of Settings and Security. Subsequently, you tick the third box and then you activate this feature.

Auto Redial and Manual Disconnect are also features that can come in handy to all Internet users. The former feature enables the automatic reconnection, as soon as the VPN has been restored. The latter one, on the other hand, makes sure that you also cease the Internet activities when manually disconnecting your VPN.

All that can vouch for the overall enhancement of your online presence. Feel free to go the extra mile and enjoy every single activity of yours, due to breakthroughs such as PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch!