Users Set For Increased Anonymity – PureVPN Now Accepts BitCoin


Purevpn is among the very first VPN providers to embrace the BitCoin as a form of payment from its subscribers, besides traditional methods like Paypal and credit cards. The VPN provider has once again proved that it is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that their clients remain truly hidden online. accepts

What is Bit Coin?

Bit Coin is a form of digital currency that was developed by an open source developer by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The developer envisioned a currency that could be used to make transaction online without the involvement of banks and other traditional financial institutions thereby making trade online easy and cheaper since there are no associated costs with Bit Coin. There are no transfer charges involved because there is no banking institution behind Bit Coin.

But that is not the greatest feature of BitCoin for a VPN user; the biggest feature for a VPN user is the fact that you do not have to have a verified identity to use Bit Coin. This means that the VPN provider will not even know your real identity when he is selling you a VPN subscription, thereby allowing you to stay completely anonymous.

How BitCoin improves anonymity online

Providers like Purevpn accept payment from traditional sources that can be traced back to you. With BitCoin, your identity is truly hidden. This means that anyone tracking your credit card activity for example will see that you bought BitCoins but they will not be able to tell what you did with those coins. They will not be able to track what you spent that digital money on simply because you will be spending it under a fake name.

By accepting BitCoin from users, Purevpn has shown that it is not interested in learning the financial identity of its users; it is purely interested in guaranteeing a user full security and anonymity online.
As a matter of fact, any VPN provider who genuinely cares for the users should and must follow in the footsteps of Purevpn now accepted Bitcoin.

Using Bit Coin also enable users from countries where payment methods like Paypal are blocked by government authorities to have a way through which they can buy a Purevpn subscription (PureVPN Review).

Getting to know Purevpn

Purevpn came into operation in the year 2007 as a product from GZ systems, a Hong Kong based tech company. The VPN provider is dedicated to providing ultimate online security and anonymity, as has been demonstrated by the decision to accept BitCoin payment. The provider is renowned for having its very own gigabit network, thereby making it possible to close its network from any outside influence.

Purevpn is highly recommended for those people who want to stay truly anonymous online.