PureVPN Introducing Us to “5 Multi Logins” Feature – Hurrah!


Have you been troubling yourself as to how you can stay connected to your VPN and get your spouse or your brother to do the same thing simultaneously? Have you been paying too much for making sure that all the people in your family or office use VPN with different accounts? Well, PureVPN (full review)makes the difference and gets that burden off your back. With the sizzling hot feature that it launches, multiple devices can use the same VPN account at the same time, at no extra charge!

“5 Multi Logins” works wonders for any family or small business and guarantees that the same level of security can be accomplished with ONE VPN subscription. Needless to say, this is definitely great news for both online privacy and the finances of all of us. Back in the day, people used to settle for less than full data encryption and protection when it came to more than one person using the web.

Of course, PureVPN even then did its best and offered two simultaneous VPN logins for covering some of the growing demand. However, with so many different devices (iPhones, iPads, tablets, gaming consoles) and so many people wanting to enjoy web surfing, this did not seem to suffice. Therefore, PureVPN went all the way and now it can offer the spectacular “5 Multi Logins” feature to every single customer! Isn’t that something you can finally erase from your wish list?