PureVPN iOS in the Market – Good News For iOS Users


It’s time to celebrate! Internet freedom, privacy, and safety for iOS devices are here now. PureVPN has just released its VPN app for the increasing list of internet users, performing vast majority of their internet-related actions from their iOS-based gadgets.

Happy Times for iOS Users

Lots of the features which have made PureVPN a really famous VPN service have been included in the brand new app for iOS. The prominent functions of PureVPN, and currently PureVPN iOS app, are:

  • In excess of 50 servers in eighteen countries
  • Limitless server switching
  • Unrestricted data speeds
  • Programmed detection of the speediest server
  • The best in the business, 24/7, multi-level technical assistance
  • Complete security of information and data via 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Support for SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP
  • All sorts of media Support for example Skype, VoIP, Streaming, and a lot more
  • An assured 99.999% uptime

The aforementioned lengthy list of characteristics makes PureVPN necessary for web users seeking access to all the location-blocked content material while remaining totally anonymous to everybody thereby keeping data snoopers and hackers away. Consider doing all of that from the comfort and ease of your iOS-based gadget. Now, you can from by having PureVPN’s iOS app.

We need to Experience the PureVPN iOS App

To begin with, the completely new PureVPN iOS app is a free download. Therefore, you do not need to worry about paying extra for the Smartphone app icon wink PureVPN iOS in the Market   Good News For iOS Users

The Welcome Screen

The starting up window of the iOS app provides your existing location, user’s preferred location as well as sort of tunneling protocol which you want to utilize. Among the many good things about PureVPN’s iOS app is the nice and clearly organized program.

The Objective Choice Application

An additional amazing characteristic of the PureVPN app for iOS is that it is able to boost the Virtual Private Network in accordance to your intended use. This means that you get to choose between options such as accessing UK-only channels, US-only websites, the optimum protection and a number of others. The PureVPN iOS app identifies the best server from the 50+ servers including the PureVPN network that is suitable for your requirement. Therefore, it provides the perfect VPN experience as per your usage need, automatically!

Providing You the Control

If you’d like to select a server in a country and in a city of your own choice, you’re most welcome to do so. The PureVPN iOS app allows you the liberty to experience all the servers accessible in the PureVPN network and also connect to any of them you want. It does not even matter if you select manually or allow the app to select it for you, the perfect VPN experience on your preferred iOS gadget is secured with the PureVPN iOS app.

In-App Support

Do not think that the PureVPN iOS app will cut corners at anyplace. No, they stop at nothing these guys. There’s a built-in technical and customer support sections developed into the PureVPN iOS app to ensure that you do not have to cut your browsing session, regardless of what happens.

What’s PureVPN?

Now that you are impressed with the iOS app, do you wish to know a bit about the firm? Well, here something for you: PureVPN’s company came about in 2006 as a result of a research to offer security on the world-wide-web versus cyber criminals. Afterwards, PureVPN was established as a solution for offering unrestricted surfing experience for web users, specifically those that reside in areas where the internet is intensely restricted and monitored.