PureVPN Launches VPN App Exclusively for iOS Users


If you are an iOS user-that is you use an Apple device for your internet activities-then there is cause for celebration. What is even more exciting is the fact that the new app, code named ‘Agent Pure’ is available on the Apple app store for free. You just need to visit the store and download the app for free.

The app is very well developed with a pleasing user interface. The app also provides full VPN functionality, meaning you get the full use out of it, just like you would if you were using a PureVPN desktop app.

In the past, many iOS users ignored the use of VPN because they held a false belief that internet criminals only targeted windows users. But not anymore. Today, the typical iOS user understands that the increase in Apple devices has attracted cyber criminals into the iOS territory, making it necessary to find some sort of protection like VPN.

With this app, PureVPN users using iOS will be able to evade Geo-restriction, hide their IPs, encrypt their data transfers online and avoid cyber criminals when using pubic Wi-Fi.

PureVPN subscription comes at $4.16 per month, if you buy the annual plan. This means that any iOS use can now have full VPN on their device for less than $5 a month, amazing, isn’t it?