How to Protect Yourself from Criminals on Your Mobile-Helpful Tutorial for Everybody!


Protect Your mobile from Criminal How to Protect Yourself from Criminals on Your Mobile Helpful Tutorial for Everybody!

It is widely acknowledged that mobile devices have been increasing rapidly day by day. People make use of their smartphones on a daily basis, not only for business purposes, but also for keeping in touch with their friends on social media and IM messages. Information gathering and research can be made truly convenient over the phone while you are on the go and you can generally go the extra mile with gaming options and other activities online.

For all these reasons, it makes total sense why online security has been made the number one priority for all holders of mobile phones. If you want to be kept on guard and never fail to secure your web surfing, make sure that you pay great attention to the following pieces of advice:

  • SMS two factor authentication needs to be made real in your case, since it prevents a lot of potential frauds from taking place. Even if somebody has grabbed hold of your mobile phone, with the use of two factor authentication things are far more difficult for him to access your personal information.
  • You should avoid making use of the same password in all your accounts, although this might be really convenient for you to engage in.
  • Subscribe to VPN (Top 10 VPNs Currently) and especially in cases of wi-fi hotspots. VPN will help you with full data encryption and in this way you can remain untraceable at all times.
  • Do not get carried away by the security alerts that might emerge and by all the email requests that might lead to data compromise. Most of the times, such alerts are not valid and do not apply to real dangers and threats.
  • Although it might seem appealing, do not go ahead with jailbreaking your iphone. In a similar pattern, avoid all third party apps. They may result in data mining out of your mobile phone.
  • There is great importance having to do with the updates of your OS. It is crucial that you use an updated version of your OS, rather than an obsolete one without the proper security status and quality.
  • If you can do that, install an app security scanner so that you monitor any data uploads (both consensual and non consensual) online.
  • Beware of any app you download. Read through their privacy settings and then decide whether or not you will proceed with the downloading process.
  • If you follow such simple guidelines, you will find that you are safeguarded against any possible online threats and that you pretty much avoid everything that might deteriorate your overall online presence and jeopardize your security while surfing the web. Rather that denouncing progress, we should be on alert and we should take into account all the details that keep us safe from harm!