Protect Your Webcam Security – Use VPN!


Protect Your Webcam Security Use VPN Protect Your Webcam Security   Use VPN!

Recently, Yahoo! News has found a community specific for hackers which attack users of internet that has a weak security. Such hackers take over the webcam security of personal computer webcams and takes videos of the user without them knowing it. In addition, the hackers use these videos to blackmail the user and upload them on websites that has a video-sharing feature. Scary isn’t it?

These hackers were named Ratters because they use Remote Access Tools (R.A.T.) to hack access the webcam security of a user and proceed with the video streaming using the webcam. Videos taken were recorded and were exchanged for money, or even fun) through the internet. Victims of webcam security hacks are always left completely stunned about this invasion of privacy.

But that’s not it. Ratters also access and take over smart phone’s wifi webcam for them to hack into the cameras of the said phones. These kind of smart phones are considered to be weaker in terms of security level compared to laptops, other computer units. Because of this, they are easier to be attacked by a webcam hacking. Also, considering that many people always have their smart phones with them every time, it is not possible that someone could be monitoring them every minute of every day which is very alarming.

The thought that your webcam security is in great risk is very frightening. Good thing there is an application that can assist us in achieving the safety and security that we want online called a Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection is considered a best tool in keeping you away from various hackers and other cyber criminals.

VPN is also designed to ignite your webcam security. Using a VPN will let you surf the internet anonymously by altering your IP address temporarily, while keeping your true IP address hidden so you won’t be able to be monitored by any outside party.

Hackers are getting more notoriety as time goes by. Now, even our webcam security is put in jeopardy. That is why it is a must for us to have a VPN connection. If you are interested in having a VPN connection, you highly recommend you to choose Hide My Ass as your VPN provider.