Private Tunnel Review – Enhanced Service Provision or Bad Choice?


Private tunnel review Private Tunnel Review   Enhanced Service Provision or Bad Choice?

Get to know if Private Tunnel is a good VPN service provider (or just a bad choice) – in this unbiased and comprehensive Private Tunnel review.

To start with, Private Tunnel is a VPN service provider based in California that is designed to provide internet users with a lucid and comprehensible user experience. Private Tunnel’s servers are- at the moment- located in three states. This limits the services to United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Its application is currently limited to OpenVPN protocol. Anyway, this can be attributed to their connection to developers of VPN Standard which is an Open Virtual Private Networking Technology.

Pricing Schemes

Private Tunnel pricing schemes are based on usage rather than on fixed monthly subscription plans. This means, with this Private Tunnel review, you just have to pay to your own usage capacity with the freedom of regulating your usage and most importantly the cost.

Private Tunnel pricing scheme works with the following metered scale:

  • Zero cost for the first 100 MBs
  • Pay $12 for 102 MBs to 50 GBs usage
  • Pay $20 for 51 GBs to 100 GBs usage
  • And $50 for 101 GBs to 500 GBs of usage.

Payment Methods

Payment methods can never be a hassle with Private Tunnel due to vast acceptance of majority forms of payment methods. We accept all major payment methods including Paypal and Google Checkouts.

User Trial and Testing

This particular Private Tunnel review will be able you to test the product, before making the purchasing decision but not through Free Trial or Demos. These are not available at the moment. However, users can use this product at no cost for the first 100MB of safe and secure data downloaded. This is a better testing ground than free trials and demos which have some functions inactive unless bought. The pricing scheme allows the user to enjoy the free complete service as an object for the user to make a buy decision or not.

Promos and Discounts

Private Tunnel has no promos or discounts for the service. The VPN operations are built on sliding meter scale payment mode that allows users to have optimal value for their monies.

VPN Protocols

Private Tunnel supports Open Virtual Private Networking (VPN) only.

IP Addresses

There are 1000 IP addresses for Private Tunnel users ready for use. However, there will be plans for material addition in the near future so as to better the service provision.

OS Compatibility

Private Tunnel is compatible with a majority of desktop operating systems. These include OS such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Additionally, Private Tunnel supports iOS devices and Android.

Usage and Privacy Policy

Private Tunnel keeps no records of user activities above and beyond the user login details and the username logged in and out time of their VPN system. They are no usage restrictions whatsoever plus it provides for perfect torrents’ safety.

Competitive Edge

The main competitive edge of Private Tunnel over other VPNs is in their metered scale pricing scheme. This is perfect choice for individuals who are very particular about their usage plus those who don’t want to be limited to a monthly subscription.

Private Tunnel also have a Free VPN offer which is only recommended for people who are on a fixed budget but wish to get a peek of the VPN world.


All in all, Private Tunnel is a good VPN service for users who would like a simple and strong OpenVPN service that allows them a payment plan that is based on the exact units consumed rather than monthly packages.

Private Tunnel’s connection to OpenVPN technologies is a reflection of the expected level of quality in VPN protocol even thought the services are limited to the three counties.