Protect Your Privacy At Work With a VPN


internet security1 Protect Your Privacy At Work With a VPN

Privacy at work is very important, especially if, like many people today, spend anywhere between 8 and 12 hours a working day at work. And that is certainly a very lengthy time to be in one place! At some stage in your working day, you may desire to access your personal email, your Facebook or even complete a few personal internet projects.

Whether you can access personal profiles and do some personal stuff online using the computers at your work place depends on the Internet policy your company applies. Some companies allow staff to do this while some others frown upon it. Truth is, employees cannot refrain from utilizing the Internet for personal use all day. They simply use it, with or with-out management’s authorization.

They Realize it All!

You notice that your computer comes with a specific IP-address, one that displays exactly where you’re, what desk you work at, and which workplace you are from. The particular numeral IP address provides your corporate IT division information regarding the websites you browse and how frequently you browse them. But this detail is not only delivered to your own company IT department, but also to the facilitator of any websites you browse.

Scary thought, is not it? Your employer could know accurately when you browse Facebook, the number of times you opened your email, and sometimes if you devote an hour or two on-line shopping while you are supposed to be on work related duties.

The Problem

All right, maybe you should stop engaging in personal internet tasks whilst at work. However, 8 to 12 hours is a long time to go without checking your email, making a Facebook status update reading a few tweets. Do you seriously want to deny yourself these small pleasures throughout the uninteresting workday? We are guessing no.

The Solution

In fact, you do not really have to quit Twitter, Facebook, online games or some of the fun things you do to relax while working. And no, you do not have to risk being fired, either! Now, what you simply need is a VPN subscription. Why, you ask? because with a VPN service all your browsing data stays private. Your employer, your IT people, the government, the websites cannot access your private browsing data. Isn’t that awesome?

Will this work seriously? Obviously! When you make use of a personal VPN service you encrypt the records from your internet activities. This means neither your employer, nor the IT division see what webpages your computer is browsing on.

A personalized VPN provides allows you to be anonymous while on the Web, and honestly, who doesn’t want that? Through proper VPN provider like HideMyAss, you can get privacy at work that can’t be beaten. Welcome to total freedom, can you feel it in the air icon wink Protect Your Privacy At Work With a VPN