Privacy & Disclosure


In AllOfVPN there is nothing that matters to us more than your privacy. This is the very essence of VPN, after all! With that being said, it makes total sense why we do collect some information which is standardizes when it comes to our visitors. Our aim is to improve our performance time after time and this is the sole purpose of such information being collected.


Cookies in AllofVPN are used in order to better your navigation throughout our website. We only collect information, so as for you to better handle the overall experience of visiting AllofVPN and easily wandering around. Such information typically includes your IP address and the visited URL, the exact details of your connection (meaning date and time) and the language used, as well as the browser type of yours.

Links and Affiliates

We need to stress out the fact that when you make use of any hyperlink or advertisement throughout AllofVPN, you are no longer visiting our website. This means that in AllofVPN we cannot be held accountable for the content of the web pages that you do visit through such hyperlinks and other third parties. This is why we recommend that you read through their terms of use and their privacy policy, as this specific privacy & disclosure does not cover such content. We cannot have any power or control as to these websites, since we only facilitate your redirection to them for your utmost satisfaction.

Protection of Your Information

When it comes to the protection of your information, all people here in AllofVPN are firm and straightforward. So, we do our best so as to keep all the data of our website securely placed somewhere that is out of reach and cannot be compromised by anyone. There are state of the art technological advancements, including the cutting edge of firewalls, security protocols, as much as modern equipment for the storage and of course highly trained and knowledgeable staff working for the same immaculate results. Ongoing testing and audits make sure that everything has been running smoothly and that protection is thorough.


In AllofVPN we test all VPN providers and services independently and we conclude as to their efficiency after some thorough analysis of both their pros and cons. Since this is a VPN review website with specialized background and professionalism on the subject, we may receive some compensation in return for our work and our constant aim to find out the best VPN on the market. However, such monetary reward is neither high nor can it make us biased in what we do. Our purpose is to inform accurately and provide updated details over time.


Should you feel the need to contact us here at AllofVPN, whether due to some question regarding the privacy & disclosure section or anything else, we will be more than happy to hear from you.