PRISM – Why You Need to Stay Anonymous Online


The cat is out of the bag and Americana are angry at their government. But it’s not Americas only who are angry, Europeans, Asians and other nationalities are angry too. Why? because the US government, under a program by the name PRISM, has been carrying out a clandestine surveillance on online communication since 2007.

Now, what exactly does this PRISM do? Well, according to reports carried by The Washington Post which was informed by one Edward Snowden, PRISM monitors all communication through hacking into ISPs and collaboration with big internet companies. At its inception, PRISM was tasked with collecting information that enables the US government to prevent terror attacks before they happen. For this information to be collected, the US govt. had to sanction a massive surveillance of personal communication online.

But they went past the internet. It is being alleged that the US government has been asking for call data from telecommunication firms such as Verizon in the US. This means that your private calls are being listened to by the Govt., without your authority.

Companies like Facebook, Yahooo, Dropbox, Apple,Google and others have all denied giving the PRISM program access to individual’s internet data. According to the reports published on 6th June 2013, big internet companies have been giving the US government access to your emails, social media updates, comments, blogs and even shopping preferences.

Now, if you are like many people online, you do not want to be monitored. You want to keep your privacy and anonymity. Anyone would feel violated if they found out that someone is watching who they talk to, what they say, what they buy and what they read online. The government of the US has been allegedly doing that, since 2007. So, what can you do to protect your privacy and dignity online? Well, you have come to the right place to get that answer. What you need to do is get a VPN service asap. How does that help?

A VPN is a network of computers that are linked all over the world in a way that the identity of the individual users on the network is hard to identify. In addition to hidden identity, the members of a VPN are given a secure way to send and receive data since all communication through the network is heavily encrypted.

If you have a VPN service, anybody trying to look at your emails, browsing history and basically trying to monitor your online activity will have a hard time doing so. What many people don’t know is the existence of VPNs. They do not know that they can take the matter of online security into their own hands. Many people do not also know that VPNs are quite affordable. You will agree that prices of between 6$ and 13$-which is what good VPN providers charge- per month are reasonable if you consider the benefits that you will get from a VPN connection.

In addition to security and more importantly anonymity, a VPN connection will enable you to gain access to geo-blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, Mtv USA, Iplayer for those outside the US and UK and other sites like NFL pack for those in the US. A PN also allows people in countries where social media is geo-blocked to gain access to sites such as Twitter.

So where do you get a good VPN provider? To get a good VPN provider, you can look at our reviews of VPNs on this site. In addition to providing you with information on internet security and how you can unlock blocked entertainment sites, we reviewed top VPN providers.

If you want us to point you in the right direction, we recommend <HideMyAss Pro. This is the VPN provider we use. Their pricing is great, customer support is good and the installation is easy and takes minutes. With servers located in over 15 countries, you can be sure that will sufficiently guarantee your anonymity online by giving you many IP addresses to choose from.

There you go. The all seeing eye of PRISM might have had you in sight for a while but now, you have the tool to outsmart it. Take action and protect your online privacy and dignity.

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