Pressure on NSA to review its strategies over Cyber Encryption


Obama’s officiating team has been intimated by leading security supervisors to keep away National Security Agency (NSA) from spying the personal data of internet users. They also added that NSA is defaming the encryption measures by doing such ill activities.

According to the letter posted on 24th of January, 2014, A fifty members think tank strictly demanded to reform National Security Agency’s policies over cyber security.

The letter also contained:

Indiscriminate collection, storage, and processing of unprecedented amounts of personal information chill free speech and invite many types of abuse, ranging from mission creep to identity theft,” they wrote. “Inserting backdoors, sabotaging standards, and tapping commercial data-center links provide bad actors, foreign and domestic, opportunities to exploit the resulting vulnerabilities.

The letter was written and designed by the intellectuals from Yale, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many others. The reciters of the letter also told that they did not like to disable Agencies to target criminal figures and activists, but that they aim to check National Security Agency from excavating encryption.

The post illustrated more:

The choice is between a communications infrastructure that is vulnerable to attack at its core and one that, by default, is intrinsically secure for its users.

The U.S President has promised to review National Security Agency’s policies by imposing further restriction upon it. In his recent statement, The President, Obama denied to accept the role of NSA in spying of users’ personal information. The technology giants and privacy supporters totally disagreed to the President’s verdicts.