Personal Info Exposed in the Cases of Used Mobile Phones


Are you about to sell your used mobile phone and get a brand new one? You may want to think twice before handing it over for sale. As it turns out, second hand mobile phones can be sources of sensitive data in several cases. Even though the former user has erased such data and everything seems peachy on the surface, on the inside there is a whole new danger lurking for you in the dark.

Channel 4 has conducted a research and throughout this research there have been threatening findings for second hand mobile phones. In many cases, the retrieval of data that had been deleted on purpose on behalf of the prior owner of the cell phone was nothing more than a piece of cake! Among the data recovered, there have been various SMS and other forms of communication, as well as the browsing history that even revealed visits to websites of adult content. You can clearly identify the danger in such info getting in the hands of the wrong people now, can’t you?

Technology has been progressing outstandingly over the past few years and this is why such options can be accessible for many people. This is another alarming fact that stresses out the importance of encryption and in fact double encryption, in the cases of cell phones that are sold again to new owners. Although there is no encryption by default on mobile phones and OS, it is essential that you make use of encryption layers and of course VPN for your optimal benefit on the long run.