People In Search of Enhanced Privacy Measures Due to Snowden


Edward Snowden has definitely raised awareness in the field of online privacy. With the cornucopia of leaks that he has given out to the public, he has made it clear that there are several dangers for you to watch out from on the web. Research has shown that Internet users have taken Snowden pretty seriously. Attention towards more secured pathways and options enhancing one’s privacy has been made more evident after the recent revelations.

One of the best methods for empowering your online shield is in fact VPN or else Virtual Private Network. Evidence states that there has been remarkable increase in the sales of VPN all over the world. Along with that, projects targeting online security such as Tor have made it to improve their popularity without any delay. So, the general idea is that everyone does his best in order to guarantee the safest online navigation at all times.

If you take a look at the spread of users when it comes to such privacy options, you will find that a significantly large percentage is found in China, where the Great Wall has applied tremendous limitations. Furthermore, other countries with firewalls and restrictions such as India and Vietnam, Indonesia and Iran gather substantial amount of the overall traffic on the Internet.

Another thing to point out is the fact that there are a great number of people using advanced technology in their telecommunications via the web, in avoidance of security breaches. WhatsApp and WeChat are alternatives to the conventional methods of texting and messaging each other and are based on wi-fi, preventing data gathering and monitoring.

All in all, it has been proven that Internet users do not feel comfortable about NSA or anyone else spying on them and filtering their online presence. So, they are in continuous search of the best security that they can get against such violations of their privacy.