Watching Porn and Germans Notified that They Have to Pay for RedTube


Now, this is definitely a strange situation for about 30,000 Germans! As a legal firm claims, these individuals have been watching copyrighted content through the use of RedTube (which is similar to YouTube, but with slightly differentiated videos and stuff included). The firm that is called U&C is of German origin and has been hired by the Swiss company named The Archive AG, for protecting its rights.

As it seems, a lot of videos in RedTube are of the ownership of the Archive AG and the people of the firm claim that significant losses have been made related to the profit of such video sharing.

So, no matter if nobody of the individuals who has indulged in viewing such content has been informed of his obligation to pay for watching, such a claim has been made. The most disturbing news has to do with the fact that the legal firm has sent out these claims for paying about €250 at their home addresses. The question that normally arises is where they have come up with such sensitive and personal information.

There is not a single answer to this question, since nobody has taken the blame till now. As the German newspaper Die Welt assumes, the information has come from a direct court order of Cologne that mistook RedTube with illegal file sharing platforms. RedTube does not admit having handed out the IP addresses of its users of course, but the suspicions cannot be stopped.

Either way, being prone to having your actual identity revealed and having to be held accountable for actions that were meant to be private and secured is always threatening. This is another striking example of the value of a reliable VPN service provider. Only in this way can you rest assured that you remain anonymous and that you only give out the information about yourself that you want to.