French Largest Telecom Group “Orange” Aims to Sue NSA


Orange French leading telecom group expressed vigorously to proceed into court versus NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA) – being involved in intercepting under ocean cable system.

Responding to the findings reported by Germany “Der Spiegel”, further described that the company was completely unaware to such illegal practices. According to the Orange spokesperson, in the near future, we will go to legal prosecution to know that the Orange’s data may be intercepted eventually. He also added that whatsoever in spying, it isn’t on behalf of company’s end.

“We will take legal action in the next few days because we want to know more about the eventuality that Orange data may have been intercepted,”

This was the statement by Oranges’ spokeswomen. She also said the company (Orange) had no role in the spying or whatsoever.

According to French Constitution, consumer or the customer privacy may be revealed or publicized only in compliance to special court order, and the circumstances under which such orders can be imposed are also clearly described in the French Law.

Spiegel also pointed out that US was involved in stealing data from underground network for intelligence purposes in the countries like:

  • North Africa
  • Gulf
  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Pakistan

Report said that, the Office of TAO (Tailored Access Operations) “successfully collected network management information for the SEA-Me-We Undersea Cable Systems (SMW-4)” on Feb 13, 2013.

Results said; the NSA was able to “gain access to the consortium’s management website and collected Layer 2 network information that shows the circuit mapping for significant portions of the network.” Orange will also access to High court but nature of the suit and charges haven’t been disclosed yet.

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“More operations are planned in the future to collect more information about this and other cable systems,” according to a leaked document by Der Spiegel.