Anonymous Leaks Personal Details – OpLastResort Plan


oplastresort Anonymous Leaks Personal Details   OpLastResort Plan

As the world was rather busy being involved in the Super Bowl. Anonymous busied their selves with the other phase of their OpLastResort plan, which is hacking into the Federal Reserve and leaking the private information of 4,000 bank workers.

While the Ravens were on their strategy to a close Super Bowl success, Anonymous published a tweet that says: “Now we’ve got your attention United States: Anonymous’s Superbowl Commercial 4k banker docks through the FED”, followed by a link to the ACJIC (Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center), the department who manages the data record. The record was quickly eliminated and the ACJIC declined to comment.

The data file itself contained names, phone numbers, passwords, log in info and IP addresses of the four thousand workers, including cashiers and bank presidents. Telephone calls were made to a lot of the numbers; and inquiry into the banks did actually prove that the data is an authentic one.

Anonymous’ OpLastResort plan quite understandably needs a change in computer crime prosecution, an issue that was mainly kick-started by the self-murder of Net activist Aaron Swartz. However the government website cracking is nothing brand new – actually, there happen to be numerous strikes over the previous weeks, months and years – however the group has certainly succeeded to crack into the Federal Reserve and get sensitive data, it’s actually serious concern, isn’t it?

Significant security breach aparts, the sufferers are currently being cautioned that if their password and username combos were used again on various other websites, after that they could currently be facing scams, identify theft and other unpredictable effects on their fiscal lives. All those at threat are being suggested to modify all of their usernames and passwords, and to enhance protection around their computers and home networks.

The best way that probable to ensure that the risks to security can be prevented, is the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network service). VPN service can efficiently help to reduce potential threats of information theft and unauthorized access to devices.