Ignite Your Online Security Protection with VPN


CpWz 018 Ignite Your Online Security Protection with VPN

Technological advancement in various fields has led to companies developing trust that online organizations can guarantee the safety of their most sensitive and private data. Businesses trust that these online companies are doing their best to keep their online security protection at the highest level.

That said,it is unfortunate that the development of technology also increased the number of hackers and criminals online. These so-called cyber criminals have been a primary threat in cyberspace, for a quite some time now.

As we all know, the advancement of technology has made it easier for us to send and receive data. On another hand, the said advancement also made it easy for hackers to access our most sensitive data. It is shocking to know that even the biggest and most secure companies have been victims of online hackers, and this threatens our online security even more.

In the past few years, many well-known companies have revealed that they have been victims of security breaches and their online security protection has proved to be wanting, unfortunately. Here is a summary of a few of these security breach nightmares.


In April 2011, Sony suffered almost a dozen security hitches that were the result of hacking attacks that put Sony’s online entertainment business in jeopardy. Hackers had access to almost 77 million accounts in PlayStation, stealing credit card information along with the passwords, usernames and purchasing data. This security breach was so bad, Sony was forced to make a public apology to their affected users.


In the year of 2012, Yahoo fell victim to one of the biggest cyber attack to ever happen as hackers accessed and stole over 450 million user accounts. What is even more alarming in the case of Yahoo is that the hackers gained access into email accounts by entering passwords like “welcome” and “123456” which are considered to be some of the worst passwords you can use for online accounts.

Security breaches like these that pose a huge threat to our online security protection, can be avoided by the use of a Virtual Private Network. Having a VPN guarantees a secure and private environment in the cyber space. Some of what happens is; the VPN encrypts all of data to and from your PC which makes it very hard for the hackers to gain access to it. VPN technology also uses different security protocols that ensure your anonymity while surfing on the internet.

Taking a good care of our online security protection is a very serious undertaking. Because of this, we need to make sure that we use a method that will guarantee our online privacy and protection. With a VPN connection, ALL this can be made possible! If you value your online security, then getting a VPN service should be at the top of your agenda.

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