Security Experts Alarming Us on Attacks against the Internet of Things in the Threshold of 2014


It is true that more and more devices get connected to the web and base their services online. Despite the comfort and convenience that such an option can offer to consumers, there is great danger lurking and makings its presence evident as we enter 2014. IT experts in security have been trying to alarm both manufacturers and consumers of such dangers, but till now there seems to be little response.

Rapid7 is a vulnerability management firm with the respective software to monitor such attacks and they have been straight to the point, trying to inform everybody of the risks that are taken after connecting everything online. The grave danger stands beneath the acknowledgement that mass production and the desire to go the extra mile and impress with state of the art technology and innovative devices can be catastrophic. In specific, with the fast manufacturing of things, some times the proper testing is not made and completed in full. This can lead to severe vulnerabilities, as there is no way for devices to be thoroughly protected against hackers and people who wish to take advantage of such fragile safety measures.

Within the following year or so, most security firms agree that there will be significant changes as to the way such devices work and as to the depth of the compromising of their use and effectiveness. The most pessimistic views even alert on chaotic effects that can be triggered by such lack of safety control. How willing are you to jeopardize the peace within your household, due to a toaster or a kettle going online?