Sources of Information on Online Privacy Issues for Teens


What has been proven through research is the fact that most teens get to figure out everything regarding their online privacy issues by themselves without seeking any help from their parents, friends or teachers. Even though it might be disturbing, in reality teenagers get to know what they are doing online as they go and this can be quite threatening for them.

They read through the terms of use and service and they do not have some simple guidelines where they can rely on beforehand. This is what people have found out through the use of interviews with the teens.

On the other hand, a national survey within the United States has shown that almost 7 out of 10 teenagers have at some point asked for help concerning the same issues and the people they turn to most frequently are in fact their friends, their parents and their closest relatives. However, this can raise some concern as well since there is not a set rule regarding the education on online privacy matters.

It is all left to the teens to figure out and see where they will ask for consultation. As for the research, this has been conducted over the phone and the number of people answering the questions exceeded 800. The answers were given by both the teens and their parents and in both cases there was a blank space as to the validity of the advice suggested and followed.

As you can see, the issue of online privacy is of paramount importance and people need to acknowledge the great value of having crystal clear instructions provided to their children in order to avoid any future discomfort.

At the same time, making use of VPN can offer us unique benefits when it comes to the full and thorough encryption of data and the minimizing of the online threats deriving from hacking attempts and identity thefts. So, the proper education and awareness along with the right kind of equipment can do the trick and help teens stay off trouble when surfing the web.