Online Privacy at Risk from Potential Turkish Legislation


The Turkish people have been frustrated due to the consideration of additional online safety measures that would jeopardize the online privacy of each and every single user. To be more particular, the Turks have been thinking of forcing their citizens to hand in a password along with their identification number in order to gain access to the web.

This is an effort to control the use of the Internet within Turkey, as well as monitor the habits of each Internet user and his personal information and preferences.

Apart from all that, Turkey is determined to have all the Internet transactions fully monitored and controlled, so that nothing remains under the radar and so as for Turkey to have utter control over its residents at all times.

This is a direct violation of personal rights and the freedom of expression, as even hosting providers would be obliged to keep track of their customers for a period of up to five years and of course there would be much more sever punishments for hacking or for disputing with the government.

This opposition of Turkey to comply with the European Union’s legislation regarding the freedom of everyone to express himself and to be free of any fear or danger can cause reactions and might be what withholds other countries from agreeing to let Turkey in the EU with full strength and without any arguments.

As you can imagine, this violation of the fundamental principles of Democracy and Equality can be what triggers a great many negative reactions against Turkey as a nation.

Enjoy Web Surfing Without Any Problem

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