Online Photo Scraping and Dangers Emerging


Millions of people share their photos online, making use of the various services on social media. However, such innocent acts of making something private be brought to light and exposed online can be truly dangerous for you. As it has been proven once more, it is rather easy for hackers and the proper software to mine that kind of information from public profiles on Facebook and elsewhere and use the pictures in any way they feel like.

One of the most striking examples of such photo exploitation has been that of the late Rehtaeh Parsons being used in a dating website last year, called This should have been the bell rung that would lead to much better awareness of what can happen on the Internet. The most recent example is, which is in fact a project that has been created by Paolo Cirio and Allessandro Ludovico. The main purpose of their project has been to raise concern as to how easily personal information that is kept public can be intercepted and used without the consent of these people. They ended up with a website resembling a dating service and the results have been remarkable.

It only took some time and a simple program aiming at mining pictures from people whose profiles have not been protected. Facebook on the other hand claims that there is the Report button for everyone who finds himself in an awkward situation and wishes that their photos be no longer in public sight or used in any inappropriate manner. Nonetheless, Facebook insists that such incidents and awfully rare and cannot pose a threat for social media and the services provided.

Nowadays, as it has been made evident, one needs to protect himself against all kinds of snooping and hacking online. Cyberbullying and photo scraping are just few of the side effects of public exposure of our personal information. Besides being made exceptionally aware of what we are up against every single time, subscribing to VPN can also help a lot towards enhancing our privacy level.