Obamacare – Ongoing Threats on Such a Sensitive Matter as Health


One of the most controversial reforms in the History has been that of the US health care system and its network, most widely known as Obamacare. Even though at first all people have been more than enthusiastic about the anticipated reform and the innovations that were about to take place, in reality things have become more of a mess! As it seems, there are ongoing breaches of security and therefore the US citizens who turn to healthcare.gov for help will be up for a huge surprise and it will be less than pleasant and welcomed.

Despite the recent crashes that have been deteriorating the overall scheme of the reform, nobody seems to have taken some action against the malware and the threats that have been piling up. Another thing that is equally (if not even more) disturbing is that programmers from Belarus have been responsible for some of the code and the details of the whole network. If you connect the dots, you will see that Belarus is way too close to Russia to be ignored. Russia cannot take pride in having the fairest intentions about the smooth operation of US infrastructure, let us not kid ourselves!

There have been continuous alerts by US officials and others who have noticed the breaches and flaws towards the HHS (or else the Department of Health and Human Services), but still no response has been made in order to fix what has been wrong in the first place. The lapses are far more than attempts to grab hold on credit cards and other sensitive data, since espionage is apparent in such cases.

With the security firms knocking on the door of the White House with the breaches monitored and with the escalating rage from the citizens due to the hardships that they go through on the website, there is a ray of hope and trust that things will start getting better without any further delay. At least, this is what we hope for!