Obama Prompted to Take Some Action against NSA Revelations by Cisco CEO


John Chambers, the CEO of the famous Cisco, has made it all the way to Barack Obama via a letter in order to stress out the need of controlling National Security Agency. The most legendary figure of the latest years in the field of security measures and revelations concerning security breaches is by far Edward Snowden. He has been the one who has leaked new documents to the public, which involve NSA and the use of Cisco equipment (for instance routers) towards installing surveillance software. Such information has made quite an impression worldwide and it is only fair that Cisco protects its credibility and its integrity.

John Chambers has appeared to be extremely cautious and irritated by the tactics used on behalf of NSA. There is no other solution than to cease all similar methods, so as to avoid further discomfort and mistrust when it comes to customers and companies, such as Cisco. As you should recall, Obama has already announced that there needs to be deep change in the way NSA does business and proceeds with mass surveillance. Such an announcement has been brought to light and consequently there has been the direction towards a much cleaner and less penetrating system from the Government.

However, it seems that the damage that has been caused to such companies is universal, rather than concentrated in the United States. So, it is crucial that Obama does more than frown upon the tactics of NSA this time. Of course, to this day there has been no actual comment on the content of the letter sent out to the President by Cisco CEO. The only reaction has been a blog post by General Counsel of the company, Mark Chandler. He has refused any participation in the surveillance of any country and he has focused on the importance of Internet Security altogether.