Obama Knew of Angela Merkel’s Phone Tap, it is Now Being Alleged


Well, we promised to keep you in the know regarding the Angela Merkel NSA fiasco in our article last week. This is us keeping our word.

Reports from various internet sources indicate that Barack Obama knew that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone was being tapped by the NSA. The news rocked diplomatic quarters in every corner of the world last week and while the government continues to vehemently deny that they listened in on the conversations of an ally nation and development partner’s leader, and even deny that Barack Obama has prior knowledge of this gross violation of the Chancellor’s privacy, it is becoming more apparent that there is some truth to these claims.

The back lash against the US, diplomatically, is likely to be very harsh. While it is unlikely that there will be a full fall out between these two economic powers, it is safe to assume that business will not be the same between them.

This fiasco is likely to cause the US to be interacted with with increased caution. World leaders are likely to be very concerned about the reach that the NSA has in their own countries. There are reports emerging that many world leaders are ‘’disappointed’’ with the apparent lack of respect to politically elected leaders f sovereign nations.

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We continue to monitor this story as it develops and as always, we will keep you informed.