Obama Admits that Cyber Terrorism Is of Paramount Importance and Calls Out Cyber Warriors to Deal with It Promptly


We have been warning you of constant security breaches targeting countries such as the US for a long time now. Recent incidents with Target and Neiman Marcus in ecommerce and retail stores, such as the regular hacking attempts and successes of the Anonymous are just few of the examples that give President Obama the chills. This is why he has named cyber terrorism as the number one threat against the United States and he has urged the need of Cyber Warriors to step in and make a difference.

CIA’s computers have been hacked and this speaks much louder than a hundred comforting words that everything will be all right in the end. If the infrastructure of a nation cannot be thoroughly protected, how can its citizens feel reassured of their safety and their online privacy? Defence agencies of Israel, France and the UK have also been breached by hackers, leaving nothing to chance. All at once, the Kaspersky Lab has recently announced that it has identified the Mask, which is nothing less than the strongest and most effective cyber threat that the world has ever seen. The most threatening news is that the Mask has been around since 2007 and you can calculate the percentage of penetration and data interception that should have been made by now!

The Mask has been located in a Spanish speaking country (most likely Latin America) and its main target has been oil gas industry. It has derived from the malware named Flame and this is the one that has attacked the Iranian infrastructure and made every system practically no good to be used for anything. As the oil and gas industry is so fragile and can be subject to great cyber attacks, it is of great importance to highlight that it is top priority for the US to resolve such matters without any further delay. The cost of the delay is critical and should be taken into some serious consideration.