NSA Surveillance Brought to Light Once More from Gigantic Sites, Including Facebook, Yahoo and Google


Another ray of light has exposed NSA and its surveillance tactics. This time, giants of the web such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and LinkedIn have been approved of revealing some pieces of information about the requests made to them by the NSA. Although the pieces are not substantial and the Earth has not moved due to such revelations, this is definitely a good start for those websites to expose the pressure that they are under and their fight against data interception.

The US Justice Department has allowed these companies to make public some of the requests that they have accepted in the name of FISA (which stands short for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Apparently, we were all well aware of such requests even before the companies spread the word. However, it is always refreshing to see that there is opposition against what is called mass surveillance without any reasonable doubt and without any hesitation whatsoever.

As the people of those companies have stated, it is far better to let all the citizens within the US know of what is going on, so that they can say for sure whether or not it is worth compromising one’s privacy in the aim of something far bigger than that. As Yahoo representatives have pointed out, it is of primary concern to ensure that all users are kept secured and away from all dangers emerging online. It is of their duty to preserve such security online and the revelations regarding data requests is a positive step that has been made.