NSA Safety Measures in Avoidance of a New Edward Snowden


As you may remember, the Director of NSA Keith Alexander has recently been asked to inform the Senate Judiciary Committee as to the security measures that the agency has been taking, after the revelations of Edward Snowden. Being a systems administrator, Snowden has had full access to sensitive data and as it has turned out, he has taken full advantage of such access. Without giving out all the secrets, Alexander has revealed two of the main things that have been taken seriously and will pretty much prevent anyone from becoming the new whistleblower of the agency’s tactics.

First of all, there is now grave concern when it comes to the two man rule, which is a method for combining two sources towards gaining access to important material. So, even if somebody wishes to access highly classified documents and sensitive data in general, he will need to have the consent of a second authorized person. As you can imagine, this will make things much harder for people who want to take advantage of their working position and gather information of value that should not leave the agency.

The second measure has to do with encryption. This is pretty straightforward and it makes total sense. In order to make your data thoroughly secured, you will certainly need to have everything infiltrated and encrypted, using state of the art technology. Otherwise, clouds and other sources of storage can be proven vulnerable and can lead to additional data leakage. Of course, NSA cannot jeopardize to have another leak within its borders and therefore great attention has been drawn towards fully encrypting everything that is important to keep private.

Apart from NSA, every business and literally every individual can benefit from such safety measures referred to in this article. The two-man rule and encryption (using a VPN as your guiding light) can enhance your online privacy and make sure that nothing gets compromised. According to your needs, such measures seem like the perfect solution to look further into!