NSA Paying for Back Door in RSA Encryption – Breach Detected


Edward Snowden has leaked another interesting story that puts NSA to the stand once more. In specific, NSA has been accused of having paid the astronomical amount of $10 million to RSA, in exchange for a back door in its encryption for BSafe. Sad though it might seem, we find it hard to be surprised by the news. Of course, every single time Edward Snowden manages to leak another striking example of our vulnerability against those in charge. However, it is not surprising to find out that your online privacy is not top priority for agencies such as NSA.

The story was unveiled by Reuters and RSA has prompted that it did not have anything to do with intentional leaking of information or creating a flaw in the software that has been produced by its staff. In a brief statement, RSA claims that the primary concern of the company is no other than the interest of its customers and as a result there is no way that they could have taken part in such practices of deception. Taking it a bit further, the spokesman of RSA suggested that all its customers ceased using products that included the NSA code, after the leakage has been made public.

Apparently, giants in the online industry including Microsoft have been thoughtful enough so as to initiate the empowering of their encryption methods after the recent allegations and the apocalypse having been brought to light by Edward Snowden. No matter what happens next, we cannot be too careful when we surf the web – at least for the time being. So, till the world becomes a better place and till bad people stop having bad thoughts and trying to monitor our presence (both real and online), one of the most important things never to forget is that of using VPN.