NSA Officials Updating “60 Minutes” on Edward Snowden and Threats


The popular “60 Minutes” have had pretty alarming news to share with the viewers regarding Edward Snowden. Officials from the NSA have admitted that indeed the menacing whistleblower has more than two million secrets that he can reveal any time and set the world practically on fire. Among such documents and proof, they feel that the most disturbing actually are those that can jeopardize the very knowledge and intel of the US concerning other countries.

If the wrong people got their hands on such information, a lot of things could change globally and the US could be at risk of losing its prominence and its steady course over time. This is in fact intimidating even to think of and it has led some of the officials in NSA to consider full amnesty to Edward Snowden for returning such sensitive data. Of course, not all people within the NSA are agreeable as to this very plan of amnesty. For instance, the Head of the NSA Keith Alexander has got a far stricter and less flexible line that he does not intend to cross when it comes to Edward Snowden.

Besides talking about Snowden though, NSA officials also stressed out how important their efforts have been towards fighting cyber crime. The BIOS has been one striking example of their competence towards enhancing the protection of the public against malicious intruders. This is clearly an attempt on behalf of the NSA to improve its profile and reverse the negative impact that has been established concerning the recent revelations on spying techniques and surveillance projects.

Of course, all this fuss about online privacy and monitoring on other people’s lives and communications is yet another example of how much appreciated it is for somebody to empower his tools against such methods. Only with the use of VPN can one rest assured that he will be care free and risk free at all times. This is certainly an investment worth proceeding with and especially in such treacherous times that we live in.