Do You Have the Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper? NSA Calling Out to You!


In an effort to make Cybersecurity more sophisticated and better structured than it currently is, the National Security Agency is holding a contest for the best scientific Cybersecurity Paper published between past October and December. If you are intrigued by the idea and you want to take part in such a contest, you can find more information on the nomination deadlines here and you can fill in your application in this form. This is a great opportunity for everyone who is involved in online security and has got a lot to prove, whereas the attention and acknowledgement of one’s hard work and value is definitely a motive.

There is great need for Cybersecurity to be built on solid ground and the competition is one such fine opportunity for everyone to start regarding Cybersecurity as science and dealing with it most severely. In order to get things going the right way, NSA and security specialists are motivated to take some action and try to put everything together for the shake of science as a whole. Students need to turn to the specialty of Cybersecurity and learn all the theory that will come in handy to them on the long run. Without having the basics, how can anyone go further and think outside the box, leaving the theory that we are referring to online protection as just another hobby.

The aim of NSA has been met with huge interest and therefore more than 180 Universities have introduced innovative programs leading to mastery in Cybersecurity. This indicates the value of such knowledge and the importance of having new IT experts dealing with Cybersecurity in the best manner possible. Apparently, the competition is another motive for everyone in search of a great educational background in IT to step up and follow such a field of expertise.