NSA Looks At 0.0004% of the World’s Internet Traffic


Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the NSA in regards to PRISM, the agency has gone to great pains to down play the issue. The first reaction was denial but now the NSA accepts that they are looking at the traffic online.

The NSA justifies its actions by claiming that after the 9-11 attacks, the agency had to find new ways to preempt an attack, and online surveillance is one of the ways through which the agency can do that.

When the public demanded answers, the NSA explained that is only looks at a very small part of the internet traffic. According to the agency, only 1.6% of the traffic comes under scrutiny and out if that, only 0.00004% goes under serious analysis.

The storm that Edward kicked up was so big, President Obama came out last week to address the public on the privacy infringement concerns. The president called for the agency to move and address concerns of privacy infringement by amending the laws allowing the surveillance to be more transparent on the whole process.

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