NSA Revelations Leading to Mass Withdrawal of Respected Experts from RSA Conference 2014 – TrustyCon Chosen Instead


It is not so long ago when another striking headline made us verify our doubts and logical assumptions. NSA has allegedly paid RSA the outstanding amount of $10 million for the breach of security in their software and this has upset a lot of people worldwide. As a consequence, the RSA Conference of 2014 has been under strong controversy and speculation and several experts who have been scheduled to talk there are now backing down. They either cancel their speeches altogether or they go for something far more secured and independent: TrustyCon! It is yet unknown how many of the 25,000 visitors of the conference will actually take part and overcome such irritating news.

TrustyCon is the perfect solution for all those who wish to protest against mass surveillance and lack of privacy. In the field of Crypto Wars, this is the best defensive line that we can think of and especially since all the earnings of such a conference are going to be handed out to EFF. As you should know, EFF stands for Electronic Frontier Foundation and fights for everyone’s rights in the digital world. So, apart from the intriguing and possibly eye opening speeches and reports that will be held during the alternative and unbiased Conference, there is the financial support that will be given to EFF for empowering the tools used against surveillance from NSA and from anywhere else.

As for the answer to the claims, RSA was pretty down to Earth and yet vague in the statements made so far. They stressed out that they had never kept their cooperation with NSA a secret and they also highlighted that their main concern was nothing more than the security of both the Government and the people. If you take into account the fact that software and other products by RSA are used on a broad scale in companies, institutions, banks and various other neuralgic places, it is extremely disappointing and disturbing to find out that such encryption is likely to be compromised by default.

Once more, using VPN can save you from anyone trying to access your most sensitive data. It is definitely worth taking the trouble and learning more as to how to keep safe from any harm online!