NSA Informing FBI Daily on Sensitive Data Ever Since 2006


For all of us who have heard the recent speech of Barack Obama regarding the radical changes in the fields of surveillance and intelligence, this has been another alarming piece of information that would bring us back to Earth. NSA has been reported to tip off FBI every single day. The close cooperation has dated back to 2006 and there have been numerous violations of people’s right to privacy over these years.

Due to the aim of both the agencies towards fighting off criminals and preventing acts of terrorism and breaches in national security, such a coordinated action has seemed inevitable. The data that has been given out includes telephone numbers and the cases that have called for such information to be shared with the FBI ought to link the telephone users with reasonable suspicion, to say the least.

Of course, NSA is responsible for collecting such vital information and giving it to FBI for investigating even further. US Constitution is strict and straightforward when it comes to the value of privacy for every person within the United States and therefore the violations are more than trivial, even if in some cases they have turned out to be justified.

Apparently, nobody wishes to have terrorism spreading around like a plague or people threatening the well being of people anywhere in the world. Still, we cannot help but stating the obvious: Who is responsible for deciding as to which data is to be handed over to FBI and under which pretenses? Under which circumstances gets freedom stretched or shrunk?