Will the NSA Compromise National Security by Being More Transparent?


Well, the jury is still out on this one. It all depends on your understanding of national security, and how transparency is defined. Of course for the NSA to carry out its mandate, a certain level of discretion is important. We can’t have security agent exposed to danger by having too much exposure but then again, we do not want to have privacy infringed upon in the name of national security.

Last week, President Obama announced a 4 point plan to increase the transparency of the NSA, in the wake of the Snowden PRISM storm. The question then is, when does transparency threaten national security?

One Ezra Klein argues that the government can set laws that govern surveillance, then build programs atop those laws in a way that the citizens know what the government can and can’t do, but the additional programs are unregulated. These additional programs cover sensitive and individual missions.

The trouble with these additional programs is that they are the most notorious for privacy invasion. And the government will not protect you, unfortunately. How can they protect the privacy that they violate?

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