NSA and Blackberry Being Closer than Expected, As It Seems


Encryption is the quintessence of online protection, since with advanced technology and with the proper tools you can succeed in making your data impenetrable. This has been the Holy Grail of many security experts over the years, to find the perfect encryption algorithms that will protect information from anyone and anything. Well, things would have been exactly as stated above if it had not been for personal interest. Who could have known?

First thing is first and so we get back in 1995, when the US and Canada formed a list full of algorithms that have been proven for their efficiency by both the Governments. This list is called CMVP (short for Cryptographic Module Validation Program). However, in reality there are several cracks on such a program. One striking example is that of an algorithm promoted and encouraged bravely by Government contractors, while presenting the most alarming back door access. What happened to the thorough monitoring of algorithms regarding their efficiency?

Such an algorithm has not been removed from the list. On the contrary, we find products and patents of the very same algorithm in BlackBerry Ltd., RSA Security LLC, as well as Cisco, Samsung Electronics and Symantec. You do the math, in order to estimate the damage that such use has brought to the public. Moving on, we find that the algorithm Dual_EC had been claimed as suspicious by security experts a long time ago and still both NIST and CSEC have been going on with this option for encryption.

As it turns out, Dual_EC has got constants that can be combined with a secret key and instantly grant access to the information that is supposed to be protected by all means. It is yet to be discovered if NSA has limited its accessibility to the flaws or “flaws” of Dual_EC or it has penetrated other algorithms as well. Sadly, we believe it is the latter…