NSA Accessing iPhones – Why Are We Not Surprised?


NSA has been reported as spying on iPhones with the software implant DROPOUTJEEP. Well, even though we have been expecting similar activities on behalf of NSA after the recent revelations of Edward Snowden, this time the breaking news has come from Chaos Communication Conference held in Germany. There, a promising security expert called Jacob Appelbaum connected the dots and offered adequate proof of such an implant helping to hack iPhones.

It is worth considering the possibility that Apple is well aware of such an implant that affects control over its devices.

This is why Jacob Appelbaum has characterized the news as depressing and expressed his deepest concerns about the whole concept of NSA spying once more on something as popular and treasured as the iPhone itself. Apparently, the slideshows of Edward Snowden that have been leaked to Der Spiegel have been backing up the acknowledgement of the surveillance and this completes the wider picture. It is yet to be revealed whether or not Apple has taken part in this project, though.

This implanted malware can access all of your data and can extract as much information as people in the NSA want to get from you. Their success rate as to the implantation has reached the astonishing 100% and this is what makes it even harder to believe that Apple has been indifferent the whole time.

As you can see, even in our most private moments we can never be certain of who is spying on us. In order to make sure that we are not left without the proper protection, VPN should still be our number one priority. Through data encryption, it can keep all malware away from our precious devices and it can help us remain anonymous and untraceable. So, in such troubled times this seems like the perfect bargain!