NordVPN Review – A Reliable VPN Provider


NordPVN Reivew NordVPN Review   A Reliable VPN Provider

NordVPN is one of the newest VPN providers having entered the market, but they have already made quite an impression. As a result, this Panama based company has motivated us to go ahead with offering a thorough NordVPN review, where we put it to the test and find out whether or not it can live up to our standards.

Read on so that you learn everything you want to know about this VPN provider, which was recently established in 2008. You will be amazed at what we have found out and you will be able to proceed with your own solid conclusions once this NordVPN review is completed.

NordVPN Servers

First of all, the servers that NordVPN uses are located in 14 Countries worldwide including Spain, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Romania, UK, USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland Austria.

At first glance, this can limit you up a great deal since you are not able to get a decent number of US based servers with this provider that’re essential to get prompt access to wonderful content of geographically blocked websites and apps.

But “bigger isn’t better always, and better IS better” – at least as far as we’re concerned. Even though the number of servers are not massive, the quality is worth admiring in case of NordVPN.

All these countries offer outstanding flexibility and freedom, and therefore once you connect to one of their servers you do not have to worry about any blocking whatsoever. What is more, the speed is amazing and you do not have any problem while surfing the web through the use of NordVPN, which especially is essential for online streaming like Netflix and Hulu.

And yes, we were not able to detect any sort of DNS-leakage during our NordVPN review at, which really is an awesome feature!

Security and Privacy

The best thing we like about NordVPN security and privacy is, they do not keep track ANY kind of logs, on other hand even some of the big players in industry today keep de-personal logs, if not persona. With NordVPN you have got no personal information in plain sight and they make use of OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), PPTP, L2TP/IPSec encryption, which is great.

Protocols of NordVPN1 NordVPN Review   A Reliable VPN Provider

One of the best feature of NordVPN is encryption, they do provide AES-256 encryption.

Customer Support

NordVPN customer support is a charm for the subscribers, you can rest assured that you have got great 24/7 chat and technical support, not so much for phone calls but for chat and email ticket system that’s instant and reliable, shedding light on every question.


As for the compatibility, NordVPN can be used for Mac, Linux and Windows, laptops and Androids, iPhones and iPads and generally speaking in almost every single device you might want to use. Its compatibility is remarkable and this is worth mentioning for a VPN provider. An important thing to note about this provider is, they do simultaneous connections, two devices at a time. For instance, 2 computers or 2 mobile phones at a time.


Moving on to the cost, there is great value for money with the price rates being as low as 8 euros per month.

Nordvpn pricing NordVPN Review   A Reliable VPN Provider

Just a little negative aspect is that there is only 2 days refund policy available for those customers who decide to cease their long term commitment with NordVPN, which is not upto the overall standard and confidence of the top VPN providers. Still not a biggie, there is a three day free trial so that you can test whether or not NordVPN is of your liking.


Heading towards the end of our NordVPN review, we have got to point out that this is actually a decent choice for you to benefit from. The quality servers being based in Spain, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Russia, UK, USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France and Austria.

Considering the actual refund available for 2 days, their great chat support and email ticket support for your technical inquiries or any clarification and the reliability of this VPN product makes it quite competitive on the market for the most appealing price rates. All in all, our thorough review pretty much recommends NordVPN to individuals and business, and we’re positive that you won’t regret after getting your NordVPN subscription.

Available Discount and Coupon Codes

For the time being NordVPN is not offering any discount to the general public, but we’ve a good news for our readers.

AllOfVPN followers and readers can benefit from an awesome 37.5% discount via our NordVPN exclusive coupon that’s “allofvpn1“.

As stated already, they offer 37.5% VPN discount for all of our visitors. For instance, you’ll pay just 5 Euros instead of 8 Euros. For more info please Visit the NordVPN website and don’t forget to enter the coupon code (allofvpn1) during your purchase – hurry up though, the coupon could expire soon as we’re allowed for the first 100 subscribers via this.

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