How to Enjoy NFL Game Pass in US and Literally Everywhere


NFL Game How to Enjoy NFL Game Pass in US and Literally Everywhere

This might seem a bit strange, but in reality there is something that the US residents lack in comparison with people from other countries in the world. To be more precise, if you are interested in getting NFL Game Pass from within the US, then you are up for a great surprise. You will be displayed a message that will inform you that this feature is not available for people in the US and Mexico.

Great news though can be there for you! If you stick around and you read through this article, you will gather all the information that will be necessary for you towards accessing NFL Game Pass in US and the whole wide world. The sole requirements are that you put VPN into effect and that you switch your IP address respectively. So, behold the way to access such great services.

Bypassing NFL Game Pass Restrictions within the States-How?

What you ought to do is subscribe to VPN and make use of any server throughout the world where similar geographical restrictions are not applicable. For instance, if you connect to the web through a European based server, then you will instantly get a European IP address (a German or a French one, per say).

Now, this will in turn help you out and grant you the access to enjoy NFL Game Pass, even if you still live in the US or Mexico. Obviously, when you wish to enjoy another website or app that is geo-blocked (such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer), you will have to switch servers and IP addresses again.

There is a plethora of top VPN providers that can help you out accomplish your goal and get the means so as to substitute servers and IP addresses without any problem or discomfort. We can suggest using HideMyAss VPN, since it is a reliable VPN provider with wonderful servers located in tens and tens of countries globally.

So, after having picked a VPN provider such as HMA, you should be able to substitute the server of your choosing (do not pick Canada, Mexico, US, Ireland and the UK though) and grant the access to the website of NFL and the Game Pass. From then on, you can subscribe and get to pay up for your plan.

Can NFL Game Pass Be Accessed with Portable Devices?

Fortunately enough, NFL Game Pass is compatible with iPhones and iPads (iOS that is) and Androids. This means that you have got great flexibility, no matter if you wish to enjoy NFL games when you are at home or if you are on the go. You can have a glance from your mobile phone or you can use your tablet and check the live streaming of your favorite team’s match.

So, you can find the respective app for free either on Apple Store, Google Store or Windows Store. Beware though, since you will have to change your iTunes account’s location. You can browse on eBay for a British iTunes store gift card and then you can go ahead with the downloading of the application using the UK iTunes. We hope that you have cleared up everything on this matter. Have fun!