New Torrent Site Funded by the Spanish Government for Greater Flexibility

by is the new entrance in the field of file sharing and the remarkable news is that this site has been funded by the Spanish Government. It is always great to have another alternative when it comes to weighing your options in P2P. Knowing that this alternative has been encouraged by the Government itself offers you extra reassurance about the final outcome, wouldn’t you say so?

Well, first thing is first. Pablo Soto has always been a social activist and a pioneer in cases of online protection and privacy. So, being the founder and CEO of a number of similar Torrent sites under the single name (including fm and ms extensions as well) makes us think of the future in bright colors. He states that his driving force has been to offer the chance to the Internet users towards enjoying online privacy to the fullest. He does not want anyone to encounter similar problems with the web that diminishing its value.

Along with, the Spanish Government and Pablo Soto have made it to create, which is a search engine with over 30 millions of files to be shared in BitTorrent form. You can clearly comprehend what a breakthrough this has been for all those users in search of torrents to share worldwide.

All these attempts highlight the change that has been made prominent as to the future of file sharing and the nature of the web and copyright restrictions globally. It is soothing to know that there are people such as Pablo Soto, who go above and beyond in the direction of providing people with utter freedom online. Till everyone becomes so fruitful on the Internet though, it is still advisable and in fact mandatory to make use of VPN at all times.