Children in the US After the New Rules of COPPA


Children have been a matter of dispute among professionals in advertising and online stores along with the Federal Trade Commission, due to their level of protection while surfing on the Internet. In detail, COPPA that stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act indicates the importance of having a parent decide about giving out any personal information on the web.

In other words, no advertiser or other professional specializing in the cutting edge of technology can benefit from gaining any type of data on behalf of a child without having the approval of the child’s parent.

To be more specific, with the generic term of personal information we mean any photograph or detail regarding the place of residence of the child, among many other things that can be used in favor of increased sales figures. It is remarkable that well established companies including McDonald’s have been claimed to make use of information that was not legal under such terms of COPPA, even though they stated that they have been legally correct at all times and they respect the new legislation protecting US children.

As a drawback of the new existing legislation protecting full privacy when it comes to kids and their online navigation, technology can overcome such problems and offer the benefit of surfing the web anonymously and without any hint about the identity of the Internet user. For instance, a child might get his hands on a PC or any other type of device used to surf the web without having to proceed with any declaration of having started such navigation.

VPN Can Serve the Needs of Children’s Protection

If you agree with COPPA about the necessity for protecting children against any privacy violations online, but you feel like the new legislation is too hard to handle, then we have got a solution that can help you out without fail. You can in fact make use of a VPN Provider that will offer you the opportunity to surf the Internet without revealing any of your private information.

You can choose to raise a shield that will guard your data and as a consequence you will have no difficulty in letting your child surf online without having to worry about unravelling any important details that can be used for advertising or even malicious purposes.