New Rules Coming from Shanghai



Perhaps you are an avid internet user. After all, we use the internet for quite a few things, including information and entertainment. If you like to travel, then it will most probably even be more useful to you. However, there are countries, which will severely restrict you in your capabilities to use the internet, either due to online privacy claims, or something else. China is one of these countries, and it has been a topic for quite some time. With that in mind, here we will turn our attention to some news which came around lately.

If you haven’t heard yet, there is something called the Great Firewall of China. The joking name was taken up after the Chinese government decided to make some special changes to their regimen and restricted access to all sorts of websites. Today, popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so forth, are completely forbidden on Chinese territory. It is not a question of web anonymity, the government simply claims that such sites are dangerous for the population and that they should not be accessed at all. This naturally causes quite a bit of trouble to those, who are used to social media, and are only temporarily visiting China.

This however is subject to change, even though only in a small portion of the country. Shanghai has been one of the Free Trading posts of China for quite some time now, and this of course imposes some special rules for its territory. One of the new rules is supposed to allow for the aforementioned sites, and even more, to be allowed on the territory. Even though the government is strict in its laws, it claims that it will not invade the internet safety of people there, because tourism is an important part of the integrity of the locale.

It is not yet certain when the new rule will come into play, or if it will appear at all. The information comes from anonymous government officials, who claim that even though there is a great chance it will happen, the new rules are still under consideration. This is why, if you are currently in China, you will have to wait for a while, and rely on your virtual private network if you are using one. There is no telling when you will be able to be free of the restrictions.

It is good to know that the VPN gig still works though. There are a lot of good providers, who offer cheap services, which do not keep logs, and offer stable connections. If you are not familiar with the whole thing with the VPNs, you should know that they are sophisticated systems, which offer you added internet privacy. Apart from that however they assign you fake IP addresses. This means that you can lie to a system and tell it that you are in a completely different place. This will help you bypass any restrictions, even if it is temporary.