New Roundup – Brazil Reacting Against US Spying


Brazil has accused the United States of spying on them and their citizens and therefore has launched an attempt to become independent through its own personal satellite and digital networks. The effort on their behalf is remarkable, since the severity of these accusations is of paramount importance.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has tried to sort things out and make the accusations milder but the Foreign minister of Brazil Antonio Patriota cannot be convinced that the spying program used by the United States has been aiming at caring for the security and full protection of both the Americans and the Brazilians without fail.

This surveillance which has not been agreed upon by the two countries has put their relations into a really difficult path, as it goes without even questioning that Brazil feels less than perfectly safe when it comes to dealing with the US.

It all started from the revealing information that has been brought to light from the former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden.

He has mentioned that this program launched by the United States has been monitoring the moves of Latin American countries featuring Brazil and thus this has all started reactions on behalf of the Latin Americans. Edward Snowden has now found shelter in Russia after having been on the loose for a long time and this distresses Washington that wishes to take him to the court.

Until further notice, Brazil has already awarded the winning company with the top priority matter of building a satellite that will be used for Brazil’s space program and Thales Alenia Space or else stated TAS has been the winners of this campaign.

The satellite will be used for both civil and military purposes and has been ordered by Visiona (Embraer and Telebras both own Visiona). The satellite will be ready for use in 2015 and it will bring an end to the suspicions regarding the use of the personal information of Latin Americans towards empowering the knowledge of the United States.

O Globo has revealed even further information from Edward Snowden and his accusations for this spying program and it is up to the US to try and turn things right this time. However, till this happens and trust has been regained, it is always a great thing to ensure your personal information through the use of VPN. This can help you stay off the radar and avoid any logging of your details and anything you wish to keep private when online.