McAfee Hints At New Online Security


Mcafee logo McAfee Hints At New Online Security

Online security has rapidly come to be the focus of the very much awaited CES 2013 event, plus both Intel and McAfee have validated their determination in creating the internet a more secure place in the coming twelve months.

McAfee has declared the development of a brand new user-centric process to new online security, just for a program that is likely to be launched in around 6 months’ time. That new program is established to have a mobile focus, with McAfee is looking to capitalize on the concerning tendency of mobile gadget infection and the need of mobile users to secure their identity from unwanted eyes.

In accordance with one high ranking McAfee worker, the brand new online security program is being created in reply to the growing demands of consumers, which are more and more using mobile gadgets in every walk of life. Suggesting at the overarching characteristics of the forthcoming program, the employee mentioned that “it’s no longer adequate to just secure a device from a certain piece of malware. Preferably we must protect what a user does online regardless the device or where it is utilized.”

Experts are recently forecasting the kind of features that this brand-new program will include, although the company has affirmed that it will take a cross device approach, along with a solid focus on personal data security and identity protection.

The latest technique to antivirus software program will be observed as a pleasant approach in the online security industry, having consumers frequently infected by increasingly complex virus stresses across their range of systems. The mobile solution will likely be specifically welcome, following numerous damning security reports for the famous Android mobile software.

A superior antivirus solution is the ideal partner to a VPN, together with the two capable to work in tandem to provide you the top level of security versus data crooks. A VPN can help to protect your identity by encrypting your information, keeping your data secure when using unfamiliar or unsecured networks. A combination of a top rate VPN with software like McAfee is an outstanding way to enhance your new online security.