Revealed – Security Breach Found in NetGear Routers


A security blogger by the name Zach Cutlip has revealed a glaring security flaw in the Netgear WNDR3700 router. The blogger tested and ascertained the flaw before putting word out online.

The flaw allows local and remote access to the router from unauthorized machines. What this means is that anyone with intent to hack your router can do so if the ‘Remote Administration’ box is ticked. The flaw stems from the firmware that NetGear ships with the router. In essence, a malicious person looking to gain access to this router has a backdoor left open for him by the manufacturer, which is very dangerous. Of course NetGear did not do this on purpose. It is one of those flaws in design that need to be patched.

For people who have installed thee router in their homes and businesses, the risk that they face is untold. A hacked router can expose all your internet activity leaving your home or business totally vulnerable to attack. Business secrets can be revealed and your online banking accounts can be accessed through without your knowledge. There truly is no telling the bad that can come from this kind of security flaw.

Unfortunately, NetGear continues to downplay the severity of this breach. According to them, the flaw only exposes people who have remote access activated on the device. But therein lays the problem because users of these kinds of routers want to have remote administration enabled.

It is therefore up to users to find a way to stay safe as we wait for a patch to remedy this situation. There are tools like VPN that can be used within the router to boost security. With a subscription from a company like HideMyAss HMA VPN review, it is possible to keep your router and avoid exposure.