Learn How to Watch Netflix Outside US – Super Simple Guide


Netflix Outside US Learn How to Watch Netflix Outside US   Super Simple Guide

So you probably already know that Netflix is a web-based video streaming service, which is only available to people living in specific regions and countries in the world that include US, UK, the Caribbean, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. Many people love Netflix, mainly because it provides a broad variety of videos that can be enjoyed with the choice to watch from personal computers or cellular devices. However, in order to watch full version of Netflix, you need to be located in the United States.

As soon as you attempt to access Netflix website, the system instantly figures out your current location-and if they detect you are from a location where they don’t operate, they simply don’t allow you to watch content on their site. Taking this logic into consideration, as a result requests to watch a movie on Netflix outside US are met with a note, “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” – or similar to it.

Consequently, if you don’t live in the US or you live there but are going overseas, you will have no access to your beloved American TV programs while abroad. However, if you believe that the only solution to easy access to Netflix is actually staying in US, you are absolutely wrong!

Despite the fact that the service has only been offered to folks living in US, the Caribbean, Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and Norway, there are various methods that can enable you to appear as if you’re in some of these countries where Netflix is allowed and finally get access to US Netflix outside US.

How exactly does Netflix figure out where you are?

If you try to access Netflix videos or any other content, a web server will instantly identify your IP and this will show them your geographical location. If Netflix finds that you’re not based in the US or any of the other countries listed above, your access to Netflix content will be denied.

To watch US Netflix, what we can do to trick Netflix into assuming that we’re in US, is to change our real IP (Internet Protocol) address to an American IP address. When you are linked to the web with an apparent US IP address, Netflix will then permit you to access its broad variety of content.

Solutions with Which You Can Conceal Your IP

As mentioned earlier, the one way to access US Netflix outside US is to make use of a US IP. You will find different providers who offer to make you succeed in concealing your IP. These solutions or resources act as a middleman between your PC and the web; in this case between you and Netflix.

Accessing Netflix outside US Via Proxies

Proxy solution is probably the most popular technique for concealing IP on the internet. Many proxies offer free services. The unfortunate thing is that they are easily taken over by hackers, making this the precise reason why proxy servers are not secured to use. Another concern with proxies is that they often slow down your actual internet connection speed by at least thirty percent. And for video streaming like Netflix, speed is what that matters a lot!

Install Web browser Add-ons for Watching Netflix outside US

It is the simplest method for gaining access to Netflix no matter whether you’re inside or outside of the US. You only need to install a browser add-on (the most popular among these is Media Hint), and you get to enjoy all of the Netflix videos without any hassle. But there’s a huge downside to using this tool; it only works with Firefox and Chrome internet browsers. You cannot use it on IE, Safari, Opera or all other browsers and that includes those for cellular devices or streaming devices, such as PS3, Roku, etc. Still if you’re on computer, it’s the best and free choice for you to watch Netflix.

Ideal Option: Link Via a VPN Server

Last but not the least (it’s how everyone typically present the last item we guess), the ideal option for having to enjoy Netflix outside US is making use of a VPN. It is an open secret that use of a VPN service to get into the internet is the most trusted way of going past web — or any kind of geographic limitations. Apart from unblocking and watching Netflix where it’s not available, a Virtual Private Network also encrypts all outgoing data from linked system, which guarantees complete protection to online activities. This is especially crucial for people who surf using public networks, or do online shopping and trading.

Public networks use WiFi-and WiFi is just radio waves which can be intercepted by a simple receiver- to spread the internet coverage, making it easy for people without proper protection susceptible to hacking. However, to be able to use this service, you must sign up with a VPN service provider. A VPN subscription is well-worth to looking into, if you’re really serious about COMPLETE security and privacy when having fun online.

Should I make use of a VPN to enjoy Netflix Outside US?

Out of the 3 techniques being discussed in this post, making use of a typical and top VPN is the best option. It doesn’t only go past internet limitations, it also makes you virtually unseen, therefore allowing you to have a private and anonymous web browsing experience. And it goes without questing that a top VPN company will have a broad range of VPN servers worldwide, which is of utmost important when it comes to the variety of IPs for having multiple IPs with you.

Plus21 Learn How to Watch Netflix Outside US   Super Simple Guide

Setting up a VPN application is not a hard thing to do; installation videos and step by step tutorials are given by VPN providers, and you’ll also get free apps for PC, Mac and cell phones that will save you the trouble of manually setting your VPN client. What you should be concerned about is getting an ideal VPN service provider to sign up with. You need to ensure that you register with a VPN service provider who can offer you all of the essentials you need to have for complete online security and freedom.

VPN operate by covering up your real IP address by replacing it with the one you choose. In case you would like to make use of a European IP or a US IP, you can do that by having a VPN — yes, top VPN providers will always give you a broad range of IP choices every time you want to go online, as they typically have VPN servers worldwide. The exact number of servers to choose from depends on the VPN provider you’re signed up to, and that’s yet another reason why you should only go with a reliable VPN service provider.

Which is the Best VPN for Netflix?

A recommendable provider to sign up with is Hide My Ass Pro but you can choose from any VPN company in the list of top VPN providers will do. Once again, to make use of a VPN service, you require to join a VPN service. You will find several VPN suppliers you can pick from; however, we advise you to exclusively sign up for a ideal VPN provider — so as to get the most from your Netflix streaming and other web activities.